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Even if the primary purpose of most of your landing pages is to feature marketing copy and generate leads, they’re still ultimately designed to help you sell. Landing pages let you share your knowledge, build your credibility and, in the end, earn leads and sales.
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An experience that spans 10 years and consultants who work day in and day out to make your projects a reality, Walldorf is your first choice when it comes to development. Walldorf’s management takes active participation in your project which means quality, implementation and risk mitigation in addition to timely delivery of service.
Web Development
Put your contacts on unique paths to receive specific communications.
Mobile Development
Categorize your contacts so that you can target each of your customer avatars.
Game Development
Keep track of your contacts by placing tags on them.
Graphic Designing
Put your contacts on unique communications channels.
Marketing Automation
Speak to each customer as if they were your friends. Be personal.
Social Media Advertising
Build an intricate system of rules to put your business on autopilot.
Technology Partner for Startups
Put your contacts on unique paths to receive specific communications.
Virtual Assistance
Categorize your contacts so that you can target each of your customer avatars.
Medical Billing & EHR
Put your contacts on unique communications channels.
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Speak to each customer as if they were your friends. Be personal.
We work with g..e..e..k..s! Yes that is right. The best geeks in town develop your apps, games, graphics and animations.
We collaborate with you on your project and take charge of the development. The g..e..e..k..s take charge of the creative process. You can collaborate, send in your input and see how we proceed as much as you want or as little as you want.
Making an app is almost intuitive. You can add additional features as add-on options simply by selecting from a list. Walldorf Group gives you the control of developing your app, while we take the development and creative pains. Want a totally custom-made app, get in touch with us today!
PopCake Legend
Enter the world of PoPcake Legend and unlock your brain's full memory power.Discover gradually increasing levels of difficulties and improve your cognitive abilities.
DR.McDOUGALL Mobile Cookbook Contains 500 healthy recipes. Includes a new shopping list feature, health tips, meal finder, and helpful search feature - right at your fingertips.
Tap Bubble
Tapbubble is an app that transforms your plain, black-and-white messages into colorful designs, with only a few taps.
Monkey Wonkey
Tons of fun-liners and cool monkey designs to share with your friends! It couldn't be any simpler – choose a fun-liner, pick a design and share it online!
Tap Comic
An iOS App that will allow user to import/share photos from/to different platforms.
Wordy Kids
Vote the funniest things says.Post the funny things your child says. Win weekly prizes!!!
Voice Recording
This is an app with cutting-edge technology of voice recording, offering exotic features such as voice recognition.
The Geolocalization iPhone/iPad App is developed for VoozzDigital,with many exciting features.
Hotel iPad App developed for VoozDigital is a great app as you would expect, with access to your current and past bookings via the site.
Study Control
This application is a powerful student planner, with intuitive design.
iPhone Training Session
This teaching session was conducted via Team Viewer, combined with Skype to provide screen sharing as well as vocal communication.
Clothing Design
This is the most innovative and new clothing App available.It combines playing with clothes with organizing one’s closet.
The Direct Assessment Tracking iPhone App is developed for Behaviour Science, LLC.